CTx21 Oral Health Kit

Advanced Oral Protection

E&S Orthodontics is dedicated to not only providing you with the smile you want but helping you maintain the oral health you desire while in treatment. CTx21 Oral Health Kit is a product designed to help you protect yourself from risk factors that may increase the chance that you will develop cavities and gum disease.

Below is a list of common risk factors associated with cavities:

Frequent snacking
Compromised saliva
Noticeable plaque build-up
Oral appliances (braces)
Acid reflux
Tobacco Use
Drinking liquids other than water between meals
CTx21 kit provides the patient with a 90 day supply of mouthrinse and toothpaste designed to help tip the scales in favor of your health and protecting your teeth. CTx21 works as an antibacterial pH neutralizer that reduces the presence of plaque and biofilm to reduce the risk of cavities.

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